The 4 best kits to clean and shine your car at home for less than $ 25

Your car will look like new at all times and you will not have to spend money in the workshop.

A full service of cleaning for your car It can be very expensive, especially when you want to have a high quality result. A good alternative for this is clean your car at home, and so you save money on the car wash and make sure that your car will have the special care it deserves. To achieve this you only need to have one of the cleaning kits that we show you below, with which you can keep your car always impeccable.

1. Cleaning kit 9 pieces for $ 24

The cleaning tools are made of fine material to make them soft, strong and durable; In addition, the microfiber material will not fail after cleaning. The kit includes tools for cleaning the interior and exterior.

He offers you specialized tools to clean the windshield, hood, doors, windows, rear windshield, wheels and other parts of your car. You can use them repeatedly and conveniently.

2. Tools kit with $ 19 carry bag

These cleaning tools are made with highest quality material, which is smooth and completely scratch free. The kit includes 7 pieces, among which stand out the disposable cleaning wipes.

For indoors and outdoors. You can use them in any type of car without leaving traces of residue after cleaning. These tools are not only of higher density, they are also more durable.

3. Besteek: Anti-lint Toolkit for $ 19

Made of fine material so they are soft, strong and durable. The microfiber material will leave no residue after cleaning. The kit includes a handle wheel brush cleaner, a microfiber car wash sponge, an indoor duster, and much more.

To clean the inside and outside of your car. Each tool is specifically designed to clean your windshield, hood, doors, windows, rear windshield, and wheels.

4. Topmart: cleaning sponge kit for $ 16

The tools are made of a fine material which is soft, strong and durable. Kit comes with 1 window squeegee, 1 wheel brush, 1 wheel wash mitt, 1 cleaning sponge, 3 cleaning cloths, and 3 polishing application pads.

Designed for easy use and to clean the interior and exterior of your car. With them, you can clean the surface, the ventilation, the leather seat, the windshield, the hood, the doors, the windows, the wheels and much more.