The car it is one of our most precious assets. We take great care of it and we all like to have it in excellent condition, because appearance is important and keeping it clean speaks highly of its owner. If you want save money and take care of it yourself, here we leave you the best 4 cleaning kits to wash your vehicle at home.

1. Flying: Foam sprayer

Volador Foam Sprayer, Garden Hose Spray Nozzle Car Wash Foam Gun with 100cc Bottle, Snow Foam Lance with Washing Mitt, 8 Spray Patterns Foam Blaster for Car Washing, Plants Watering and Pets Showering

Foam spray gun for car wash. Includes a 100cc bottle, microfiber glove and 8 mouthpiece patterns to use depending on the surface.

With this tool you can wash your car and any other place where you can use the snow foam like floors, windows and roofs. The gun has a security system so it can work without having to hold it down.

2. Lubricant kit by Chemical Guys

Cleaning kit including elastic clay and liquid lubricant Light in texture and non-abrasive. It comes in a 16 oz. Presentation.

These products remove all rust light or medium of any car, leaving a smooth finish without causing scratches or chafing. It can be used daily without causing damage to the surface.

3. Foam cannon Trinova

Kit with foam cannon and gallon of car wash soap. It works with all kinds of detergents to remove dirt, insects and dust from your vehicle.

Just fill the bottle and press the trigger to start cleaning your car. It is made with quality materials that make it drop resistant.

4. Washing kit by Chemical Guys

This kit is one of the most complete. Includes a foam gun with two cleaning substances, a drying towel, a hose nozzle, a microfiber glove and a premium glove.

The cleaning your car It will not only be fast but also fun. With the foam gun you can spread any product and in turn remove it by connecting the nozzle to the hose in your house. The only risk is to end up soaking wet.