The lavender It is a pleasant essence that comes from the flower of the same name and is widely used for making perfumes and various cosmetic products. It has multiple properties that help protect and eliminate skin infections; and one of the best known benefits of this ingredient is its antiseptic action and its relaxing effect. So if you want to relax and recharge after a long day at work, take a look at the options of essences that we show you below:

1. Pure organic essence with therapeutic effect

It’s a lavender oil it’s 100% organic and pure that is really effective to relax the muscles and provide a therapeutic effect throughout the body. It is a premium oil without harmful pesticides and other chemicals that can affect health.

This product is ideal for you who are looking for a formula to enter a state of relaxation after a hectic day at work. All stages of production of this essence are advised and approved by the FDA.

2. Relaxing oil 100% pure lavender

It is an essence that helps you achieve a state of relaxation and is safe for you to apply to the skin. Does not have adulterants nor diluents of any kind. It is a high quality product made with natural products.

You can reduce infections or conditions on the skin with this product with 100% guaranteed results, which gives you the maximum benefits of lavender.

3. Essential therapy premium quality

This organic product contains an essence so you can use it in relaxation sessions, homemade aromatherapy, treating pain and even even to practice meditation. It is 100% pure, free of hexane and chemicals.

With this essence you can calm Burns solar and preserve the health of your skin. It also helps hair growth and relieves the discomfort caused by menstrual pain.

Essential oils lavender

It is a bottle with therapeutic lavender essence of premium quality. A concentrated natural formula with a pleasant aroma that will give you all the benefits of lavender in a comfortable presentation that you can comfortably store in your bathroom cabinet.

You can use it directly on the water to prepare a therapeutic bath or in your products that are part of your daily skin care routine such as creams, scrubs, moisturizers, among others.