Improve your posture and forget about back pain.

A belt In addition to being an intimate compression garment, it is a garment that allows us to alleviate muscle ailments as well as pain in the vertebrae and column. Similarly, these garments can also be used to reduce our abdomen and improve our posture to show off a more stylized silhouette, below we show you some designed for this purpose.

1. ZFF: Adjustable Corset and breathable


This designed to relieve pain associated with low back pain, deformation of the spine, vertebrae and ligament problems. It will even allow you to relieve chronic back pain.

It helps you improve your posture, to correct shoulder drop or the bad posture that we usually maintain in our day to day. This corset to correct posture adapts to any size and can be worn by both men and women.

2. Belt with Adjustable and Breathable Straps


It works by training the muscles and the spine so that they return to their natural alignment, in order to prevent your lower back from being injured while playing sports or working.

Is a compression reinforcement for your lower back, which provides strong support for your abdominal muscles and also for your lower back.

3. Lumbar support Neoprene


This neoprene reinforcement is carefully designed to relieve back pain using a compression brace. It offers excellent comfort and provides a superior backrest.

The material of high quality Provides excellent support for your back and waist, while allowing your skin to breathe. Its straps allow you to adjust it to different heights of your back.

4. NeoTech Care: Adjustable Lumbar Support


Is a highly recommended support and is designed by backup experts. These braces are intended to provide wider than normal back support.

Its high quality material helps you relieve muscle spasms of your back and low back pain. It is designed to help reduce unwanted twisting movements.