Give your back the support it needs to avoid injury.

The girdles lumbar They are a compression garment that helps to support and contain the lumbar area and the sacral region of the back. They are specially designed to prevent and alleviate pain In this area, caused by making bad movements of the back, being in a bad position for a long time or lifting a lot of weight. That is why this time we recommend some options that you can use in the job to give your back the proper support and protect it from any injury.

1. Lumbar support with Pad


This orthopedic girdle of high quality Helps relieve low back pain due to strains, sprains and muscle spasms. Double-layer design allows for a custom fit.

It additionally gives you a adjustable compression in the abdomen and lower back. The internal molded plastic component eliminates creases or clumping of the garment.

2. Lumbar stabilizer double adjustment


It is the best choice for comfortable lumbar support, while allowing a full range of motion. The curved design Helps minimize slippage and clumping.

Mesh panels allow release of excess heat and moisture. Straps double fit They ensure a custom support for a more comfortable support, making it ideal for everyday use.

3. Support Belt Lumbar


This excellent orthopedic garment provides a maximum level of support. It has firm elastic side straps that provide adjustable compression and support. Its special design allows you to participate in full body movements.

It is a protection and ideal support for exercises, hard work or just support of your lower back. You can use it daily under your clothing, it protects your back and lower back comfortably.

4. Girdle Posture Corrector


This back support is not only compatible with the upper back, but also helps provide the proper posture for the bottom of it.

It is a great way to stretch your muscles and relieve pressureSo using your back support regularly can repair the tension in your muscles and your damaged spine.