Maca is a perfect superfood for men and women. But certainly especially in women, it regulates hormones, increases libido, relieves menstrual period problems and premenstrual symptoms. In addition, it has vitamin B, a content of fiber and essential amino acids. We give you 4 products that of maca, which will help you feel better as a woman.

1. Feel Good Organics: relieves the symptoms of the period

This is a presentation of maca powder that will help you relieve some symptoms menstrual period such as colic, headaches and back pain. It is recommended to consume it at least 2 weeks before the menstrual period and be consistent with its consumption for greater results. Consuming a tablespoon once a day will be more than enough.

Maca is a great stress reliever and helps relieve muscle aches. You can combine it with your coffee, tea or a smoothie or smoothie, it should always be mix with a drink.This maca is organic and without added ingredients.

2. NutraChamps: increases libido levels and gives you a lot of energy

If you don’t have time to consume maca powder or you prefer practicality, there are maca in capsules. With its continued consumption, it helps to increase the libido levelsIt gives you more energy, improves your mood and is a great antioxidant. You should only consume one capsule every morning and in weeks you will notice the difference.

Naps going through menopauseThis will help you to not have hot flashes, sweating, it increases the desire in bed and gives you more energy for all your activities. This capsule maca also has black pepper and black, white and red maca.

3. TruVibe Organic: avoids muscle pain and cares for the bone system

Maca does not have any side effects that can affect your body. It is important that you do not abuse and consume the recommended dose, which is approximately 3 grams a day. Maca is an adaptogenic root, It helps better function by giving strength to the hair, the bone system, prevents you from muscle pain and the symptoms of menopause or menstruation gradually disappear.

This maca powder has 16 ounces, which will help you 2 or 3 months approximately. Maca powder by itself is not consumed, but must always be combined with smoothies, juices or coffee.

4. NOW Foods: increase libido with your partner

If you and your partner are having a hard time in bed, maca helps increase libido and desire. Well, maca regulates hormones and prevents a lack of testoster This maca in capsules is recommended to consume 3 capsules a day. At least you need 3 months to have a better increase and be more consistent.

It contains 100 capsules, so maybe you need to buy more product to be able to have results. It has more than 1000 sales with 4 stars. Maca is a very soft superfood that does not cause irritation or allergies.