Read in total comfort at any time of the day.

The habit of reading It is one of the best ways to keep ourselves entertained and put our brains and minds to work. Any time is ideal for reading, but sometimes if we do not have adequate lighting we can over strain our eyes. For these cases, there is nothing better than having a magnifier with LED light so you can enjoy reading at any time.

1. Magnifier with LED full page


It is a lighting system equipped with twelve anti-glare SMD LED lights that provide a wider lighting area than the lights. Traditional LEDs. The arrangement of the spotlights allows lighting that is distributed throughout the page.

For its part Magnifying glass Optical grade covers a large viewing area, without having to move your hands to read and increases up to 300%. Its energy efficiency gives you more than 50,000 hours of use.

2. Reading device with glasses anti-glare


This rectangular lens is specially designed to fit the western reading pattern that runs from left to right. It is made with transparent acrylic Optical grade that is lighter and stronger.

Ideal for viewing every detail of reading in books, newspapers, magazines, photographs, maps, jewelry and all kinds of documents that require a more accurate reading. Its built-in LED lights reduce the strain on the eyes.

3. Magnifying lens crystal


Provides 3x more accurate visual magnification than that of the eyes and is equipped with twelve high-quality, ultra-bright LED lights that provide additional luminosity to ensure better reading experience.

Very easy to use, since it is a device that comes assembled and works with two AA batteries. Once the batteries are connected the magnifying glass is ready to go, its design makes it perfect for reading books or documents overnight without disturbing any

4. Magnifying glass rectangular table type

It has been specially designed for the most serious readers since it offers a much larger reading area. It can be comfortably hung around the neck and also adapt its four corners to any surface where the book rests.

The device has a system that allows you to work with its batteries or connected to a USB port. It also gives you the ability to adjust the brightness to protect your eyes while you are reading.