Regardless of whether you change your looks frequently, you live in a city susceptible to contamination, sun rays, among others, can affect the structure and affect the natural keratin of your hair. Using a mask for damaged and damaged hair can improve hair inside and out. It is important to have a consistent routine and free of abrasive ingredients.

1. Amika: made with vitamins, amino acids and omegas to revitalize and repair

Regardless of the damage to your hair, this dry hair mask is made up of vitamins A and C, shea butter, hawthorn berry, amino acids and omega 3, that are responsible for hydrating and repairing the hair. By wearing this mask for damaged hair, it helps revitalize and smooth damaged hair. It is recommended that after shampooing you apply medium to ends and leave it to act for 10 minutes.

It is a heavy hair mask, but when you rinse it you will see how you have softer hair. If you suffer from very dry or weak hair, this mask can revitalize hair.

2. Fanola: is responsible for improving the structure of the hair without affecting the pH

The structure of the hair can be altered, by using dyes, contamination, styling with heat products, moisture and more. This mask for dry hair, contains milk protein, to be able to improve structure, detangle and nourish hair. It is a very light hair mask, it will even help to avoid frizzy hair.

It should be left for about 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse. If you have very sensitive hair leather, this mask does not alter the pH of the scalp nor the hair.

3. Briogeo: Biotin, Argan Oil and Musk Moisturizes, restores and gives elasticity

If you want a more powerful mask, it contains biotin, argan, musk and seaweed oils. When applied it helps strengthen, restore, improves hydration and can even prevent frizz. This mask for damaged hair too favors elasticity so that the hair does not break, It also adds shine naturally.

Massage and apply this mask to wet hair and then rinse. It is important for you to help, moderates the use of heat products, use the right shampoo and the correct temperature in the shower.

4. Maui Moisture: natural ingredients to nourish hair and end split ends

If you notice your tips very dry, a very frizzy hair this mask for dry hair, is responsible for hydrating, nourishing and smoothing the hair. Contains shea butter, coconut and macadamia oil, and aloe vera. They are ingredients full of antioxidants and nutrients that improve the structure and appearance of the hair.

It is a mask for dry and damaged hair, at a good price and that can prevent split ends. It can be applied on any type of hair, always apply only from medium to ends.