Ideal hair masks to apply after coloring.

Hair dyeing is a sum of damage, changes and loss of nutrients that your hair experiences every time. You don’t need to stop coloring your hair to heal it, if you have the right tools like one mask that cares, nourishes and protects hair will make a difference. We give you 4 hair masks, which prevent your hair from being damaged to the extreme.

Arvazallia: argan and macadamia oil that nourishes and repairs dye damage

This is a set of 3 products that are a shampoo, conditioner and a mask. The hair mask contains argan oil and macadamia oil that when joined together help make it softer and silkier, revitalizes and heals damage for dyeing it and using heat products. When used together they are more powerful and your hair will not have dry or damaged parts.

They are sulfate-free and safe to use in freshly dyed hair. It can be used by any type of hair and regardless of length or texture. Avoid applying too much product to avoid a heavy sensation.

Wella: prevents your newly dyed hair from slipping away

This is a mask with excellent results. It is specially made for colored hair and what it does is that it helps do not fade the color, nourishes hair from dye chemicals and keeps your hair from weakening. It does not matter what color you have, as it takes care of any shade.

You should always apply it after the shampoo and let it act for at least 10 minutes and remove. You will feel smooth and more nourished hair in a few days. A mask with 4.1 stars.

3. LuxeOrganix: natural ingredients that make hair more resistant

With quinoa protein, essential amino acids, organic coconut oil, shea butter, this mask is a nutrient pump that gives deep conditioning, penetrates hair follicles, cares for the scalp, prevents your hair from being dry and lifeless. Your hair will be healthy, with lots of color and promotes hair growth no split ends.

If you are looking for a 100% natural and chemical-free mask this is an excellent alternative. Many buyers have noticed that their hair is thicker, stronger, the color lasts a little longer than usual. Have 79% satisfaction.

L LUSETA: keratin mask to moisturize and nourish from the roots

The hair is damaged by the lack of keratin in the hair. Having the hair painted makes the keratin in the hair decrease considerably. Is mask has keratin which will help you recover, each hair is more resistant, hydrates and nourishes it from the roots. It can be used if you have just dyed your hair.

You must apply it after shampoo, leave it to act for 5 minutes and then remove. Always avoid the use of heat products and look for highly moisturizing products for your hair. It is recommended to use it 2 times per week.

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