Because those unpleasant smells do have a solution …

It is not taboo to talk about the bad smells that some men can have on their bodies, and even more after a long day at work or during hot climates. The bad or strong odor in the armpits appears due to sweat and the reaction of bacteria present on the skin.

Daily cleaning is the basis of everything, but also using a good deodorant is the key to controlling that bad smell. We must understand that not all bodies are the same, so finding the ideal deodorant is definitive. Check out some of the best options below for you to try the best that goes with you.

1. Deodorant Herban Cowboy Mountain:

Deodorant of vegan stick in mountain aroma. Formulated without aluminum or triclosan. It’s one of the best sellers on Amazon with over 1,700 reviews.

2. Art of sport:

The deodorant art of sport helps you stay cool all day. Motion-activated odor and sweat protection keep you dry and smelling good.

3. AX Antiperspirant Dark Temptation:

AX Antiperspirant Dark Temptation men’s deodorant stick is part of the AXE Dark Temptation men’s grooming product range. It is a fragrance with a touch of spices. A blend of hot chocolate, amber and red pepper keeps you scenting great. Gives you 24-hour antiperspirant protection to keep you cool and dry for longer.

4. Speed ​​stick Power Ultimate Sport:

The deodorant for men Speed ​​Stick Power Makes you feel fresh, clean and fresh throughout the day. Speed ​​Stick Power antiperspirant provides protection against odor and moisture for 24 hours. Includes comfort protection applicator for greater comfort and control. Apply the antiperspirant deodorant only under the armpits. With clean aroma. Dries quickly.