The guarantee for beautiful skin with a healthy glow.

Moisturize the skin It is an extremely important task since it helps us keep it young and with a very natural shine. This action helps prevent spots and wrinkles that come out in the dermis prematurely and allow to regulate skin tones. Using moisturizers is an important part of a beauty treatment, for this reason we share four types of creams that you can apply to all of your Body.

1. Lotion nutritious for daily use

It is made with natural elements that act instantly on your skin. When incorporating it into your beauty routine you will notice how it leaves your skin softer and will eliminate any type of feeling of dryness. It comes in a large plastic container with a dispenser that allows you to apply just the right amount of cream in each application.

This cream is fully recommended by dermatologists and leaves a pleasant sensation for up to 24 continuous hours. It is free from fragrances, preservatives or chemical ingredients.

2. Moisturizing bodily with vegetable extracts

A formula made with ingredients 100% natural It has been designed to give your skin all the hydration it requires. It comes in a nice container equipped with a suction system that allows you to control the amount of product you apply to the skin. It is enriched with natural hemp seed oil.

Its components such as shea butter and ginseng that help calm and soften the skin, while providing a reinforcement of vitamins A, C and E that protect it and activate the oxidants within it.

3. Cream moisturizing for the body

A moisturizing lotion specially formulated for people who love taking care of their skin. It contains essential elements that leave the dermis soft and with a more natural shine. You can find it in this presentation, which is equipped with a dispenser to obtain the correct amount of product.

This cream can be used to treat all types of normal, dry or sensitive skin since it acts on contact with the dermis, thus eliminating the feeling of dryness produced by the lack of hydration.

4. Lotion daily enriched

A formula enriched with sea minerals and reinforced with a high content of almonds oil that will leave your skin renewed. It is a formula approved worldwide by professional dermatologists as an effective treatment for skin care.

With this formula you can drastically reduce the level of dryness on your skin giving it a more soft and healthy. A perfect concentrated treatment to renew the cells that make up the dermis.