If you have very weak hair, you have dyed it a lot or it is already very damaged and damaged, an oil will be able to repair and make each hair more resistant to any damage, it will also increase its thickness and you will notice more volume and density in your hair. These treatments are very simple and contain natural oils ideal for any type of hair.

1. Pure Body Naturals: castor oil to strengthen and repair damage

Castor oil is excellent to make it stronger, increase its volume and help its growth because it has vitamin E, antioxidants and many proteins that the hair loses due to damage. To use it you can apply as a mask. To do this take care of the amount of product and avoid having a lot on your scalp, especially if you have oily hair.

Apply to hair at least 2 times a week. You can also apply it on the tips like a serum, and even on the skin to remove stretch marks and scars. This oil has 4.5 stars.

2. Furterer: orange and lavender oil that exfoliates the scalp and makes it stronger

This is a treatment to strengthen hair from the roots and deep clean the scalp. If you have oily hair and your shampoo does not eliminate excess sebum, this oil helps to detoxify the scalp while caring for it. It should be applied to the scalp for at least 10 minutes and after shampooing. It is normal for you to feel a little heat on the scalp while applying it, but it will disappear after a short time.

If you have a very sensitive scalp, it is not highly recommended. Its main ingredients are lavender and orange oil, which together strengthen and nourish your scalp. A hair oil with 4.4 stars.

3. Soulflower: 2 oils that seal the ends, prevent hair loss and thicken hair

Castor oil and rosemary, make your scalp free from excess sebum, strengthen hair from the hair follicle, prevent frizz, help don’t lose your hair and can seal split ends. You can use it as a mask or as a serum. If you have a very oily hair try not to abuse this product.

Have hair that is alive, healthy and shiny with natural oils. In just a few weeks you will notice the difference and love the results. It is a pure silicone-free product at an affordable price with more than 71% satisfaction.

4. Naturalicious: almond oil for spectacular hair

Almond oil is one of the best to strengthen hair. Well, it thickens and makes it more elastic. It can even be used on eyelashes and eyebrows, so they look fuller and can fill those spaces faster. Almond oil can be used from medium to ends when your hair is wet, with 2 drops it will be more than enough.

You can also apply it on the scalp. It’s a product silicone free and will not cause irritation to your skin or scalp. Well it is very soft and pure. This is a presentation that will last you for several months.

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