Oils and serums that restructure hair.

Hair oils and hair serum are very different, because although they have similar characteristics, they have certain variations. Hair serum protects from heat and contamination, adds shine and cares for breakage. Hair oil helps detangle hair without breaking it, prevents it from split ends, protects it from hair and cares for the hair follicle. We give you excellent recommendations for serums and hair oils.

1. Serum to restructure and prevent breakage with vitamin E:

After staining it, using heat products, or being in a big city, it can damage the hair follicle structure. This hair serum has argan oil, aloe vera and vitamin E, what they do is it strengthens the root, gives it softness, shine and cares for severe damage. This hair serum is ideal for very weak and dry hair.

Apply it to wet or damp hair and try to place it all over your hair. With a little product you can cover all your hair, if you put more hair you can feel it heavy.

2. Oil that gives shine, movement and gives texture with 4 oils:

If you love to straighten, paint, and experiment with your hair, it’s important that you maintain it constantly. This hair oil protects it from heat, prevents frizz, improves hair fiber, nourishment, softness and shine. It can prevent split ends. One of the reasons it appears is because it brushes when the hair is wet.

When the hair is wet, it breaks very easily. Wait and always protect. This hair treatment It has corn, argan, camellia and pracaxi oil. Ideal for dyed, damaged hair and without volume.

3. Serum that stimulates hair follicles for better hair growth:

This hair serum contains biotin, ginseng, vitamin E, and ginger. What it does is that thanks to its amino acids and vitamins can stimulate hair growth. It can strengthen, thicken and give more elasticity. The secret of this serum is that it must be mixed with your shampoo, for every 100 ml you must place 6 ml.

This helps to penetrate further into your scalp. Ideally, you should do this with a scalp brush, this helps penetrate the product further. Use it 2-3 times a week.

4. Oil to strengthen, prevent frizz and give movement:

If you have curly hair, this will give your curls movement and better movement to straight hair. This hair oil controls frizz and gives shine, as well as helping to hydrate. Amla oil, prevent hair loss and makes it stronger so as not to fall.

This hair oil, you can use it before the shampoo, as a conditioner or at the end to stylize hair. If you want to use heat products, wait until your hair is dry and now comb your hair as usual.