An ointment for those muscle aches throughout the body.

There are days when pain comes without warning and your day cannot be stopped. We recommend these ointments to quickly deflate, which are natural, Helps relieve bruising, sprains and deflate. Always keep them at home so that pain is relieved quickly.

Seven Minerals: magnesium and vitamin E ointment that relieves pain and cramps

This is an ointment that is high in magnesium, this will help you relieve muscle aches quickly, feel that part deflated and it helps to calm you down if you have a lot of stress. It also helps a lot to calm leg cramps. This ointment also contains vitamin E and cocoa butter that are very gentle on the skin.

These ingredients help moisturize the skin, while heals muscle aches and deflates muscles. This ointment is quickly absorbed into the skin, it has 4.6 stars.

Boiron: removes bruises without leaving a mark and helps deflate in a few days

Arnica is a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient. It is a natural ointment that helps relieve muscle pain, any inflammation, swelling and even removes bruises without leaving marks on the skin. If you fell, fell asleep in a bad position or stuck, this cream helps to relieve pain naturally.

You should only apply to the affected area as many times as necessary. This arnica ointment is not heavy and will not leave your skin sticky. It’s perfect it does not irritate the skin.

3. Tiger Balm: relieves bone and muscle aches

The tiger ointment is perfect for your muscles to relax and deflate. If you have a bruise or have bone pain, this natural ointment It will help you decrease pain. It is perfect to have at home and can be applied to children and older adults. You can apply it on the back, neck, legs and arms, it is an ointment only for external use.

This is one of the best anti-inflammatory ointments that help relieve pain in a matter of days. When buying this tiger balm it is for a price less than $ 10 for 3 containers.

Penetrex: eliminates pain from the roots and relaxes the muscles from the first application

Bone, muscle pain due to age or injury from placing this ointment to deflate, you will feel relief from the first application. What it does is penetrate, eliminate inflammation and root pain. It does not leave a feeling of heat or freezing on the skin, it is absorbed and does not have a strong aroma.

If you are under stress, this cream helps to relax the muscles and feel more relaxed. It is one of the best anti-inflammatory ointments with more than 26 thousand sales and 70% satisfaction.

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