The definitive solution to your back pain.

Not many people are used to adopting the proper posture for the body. Sitting without proper back support, standing with your spine arched, or bending over without bending your knees; All this results in pain appearing and the spine deforming. To correct it, we can go to girdles orthopedic designed to correct posture.

1. Concealer posture


It is a comfortable, adjustable and easy to wear girdle. A concealer unisex clavicle It adapts according to the size of the chest and is made of soft and breathable fabrics.

Helps to acquire the correct posture and is responsible for developing the muscle memoryThis means that it will keep your spine straight even when you are not wearing the concealer.

2. Straightener back with adjustable straps


This is a universal size posture support for women and men designed to prevent malformations like humps, slack, scoliosis, or computer posture. Its design makes you push your shoulders back and align your spine.

Ensures a comfortable fit, supports the back of the back and helps the body adapt to the correct posture. It is made with a breathable latex-free material, so you can wear it comfortably every day.

3. Posture Corrector for thoracic back


This back concealer quickly accommodates the posture of the shoulders and back. It is a resistant piece that is designed with the materials of the most high quality. It firmly embraces the clavicle and does not cause skin irritation or sweating.

It is responsible for giving additional support to your neck, upper back and shoulders. Its ergonomic design corrects posture naturally and allows you to experience a relief immediate back pain.

4. Posture corrector smooth surface


The thoracic back support is made of soft and breathable material, which offers a pleasant feeling when wearing it. It can be worn under clothing or on top of it, its design allows it to adjust to the shape of the body and at the same time it provides a lot of freedom of movement.

It is responsible for relieving back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. It is created to be a universal fit that allows you to adjust to the measurements of adults and adolescents.