Best to stay warm during the coldest days of winter.

The winter It is characterized by usually having very cold temperatures, and in the most extreme cases it can go up to several degrees below 0. During this season rainfall is scarce, and it is also important to mention that in this climate the relative humidity in the air is very below usual and winds They tend to be quite intense, which causes living conditions to be much more complex than in other less intense seasons such as spring or autumn.

In case of not taking the necessary measures to maintain our body hot While sleeping during this type of weather, the consequences could be freezing and causing serious health problems such as hypothermia, not to mention what is defined as an injury due to cooling of the skin or hidden tissues. At first our skin cools down to such an extent that it tends to redden, then it becomes numb, then it becomes very rigid and finally it becomes completely pale.

The freezing It is quite frequent especially on the fingers and toes, as well as on the parts of our face such as the nose, ears, cheeks and chin. It is important to note that frostbite can seriously affect the skin, if it is not properly covered by gloves, sweater, scarf or other thick clothing for the cold.

The most prominent complications of freezing are long-term numbness in the area exposed to weather cold, changes in skin color, changes or loss of nails, stiffness in the joints which could evolve to even become a case of freezing arthritis, infections and gangrene that is identified by the death of the tissue as a cause of interruption of blood flow in the affected area, and in the most extreme cases of gangrene can even lead to the loss of a limb due to the accumulation of blood.

Another of the complications derived from not taking the proper precautions at bedtime is the hypothermia. In order to understand what hypothermia is about, we must know that the normal body temperature of the body It is exactly about 37 ºC, that measurement of body temperature that is below 35 ºC can already be considered as a hypothermia picture.

To take action on the matter and not suffer these complications due to extreme cold, a good alternative is the pads. Also known as pads, they are basically cushions or blankets whose purpose is to increase the temperature of your inner surface Or more simply put, the side that has direct contact with the mattress of the bed.

These pads can be heated through the microwave oven, hot water or even many have an internal resistance that allows them not only to increase their temperature thanks to the electricity rather, regulate the temperature by means of a knob, maintaining the desired temperature for a longer period of time. So if you want to start enjoying warmer nights and more security against the cold, take a look at the options of electric pads that we show you below:

1. Thermal pad for the mattress

This is a product designed with ThermoFine technology. It has a 10-level heat regulator and an LCD screen that allows you to adjust the temperature more easily. It will give you heat for more than 10 hours so you can sleep peacefully and comfortably throughout the night. It comes in 4 different sizes that you can choose depending on the size of your bed.

Its automatic shutdown prevents overheating or accidents, so you can sleep without worries. It is made of a soft polyester and cotton White padding to match any type of decoration in your home. Its high-quality materials allow you to wash it in the washing machine without damage and you can easily store it when you no longer need it.

Protective cover velvet

They are some versatile pads to warm up your mattress quickly during winter. They are made of ultra soft coral velvet that will not irritate the skin and has a very fine lint-free texture. Its size is 60 x 80 inches, the appropriate measures to completely cover any type of bed.

Its neutral colors will give a different touch to the decoration of your room and its two temperatures can be adjusted from an LED panel. You can also give two different temperatures at the same time so that you can adjust it to your preferences and those of your partner.

ETL certified, it is a safe heater that will protect you from overheating and short circuits that can cause fires. You can also use it for therapeutic to improve blood circulation and soothe neck, back, shoulder and leg pain.

3. Micro fiber technology with internal heating

The Beautyrest brand is always creating products that guarantee comfort for a better rest, and this time it presents some thermal pads that are made of the highest quality polyester. Comes with different sizes so you can choose depending on the size of your bed and in this way be sure that it will cover the furniture completely.

Its material is resistant and easy to wash. The pads eliminate virtually all emissions from the electromagnetic field, making them super safe at bedtime and include an automatic power-off system that saves you energy and will guarantee you a carefree rest.

It will work for more than 10 hours in a row and they have 5 different temperatures that you can graduate easily with its two controls. It comes in different colors and designs to match your room decor.

Almohdillas cotton raincoats

These padded pads are made from the highest quality cotton and polyester. It has 20 heat positions, automatic shutdown and adjustable temperatures that can go up to 110 ° C

This device helps stimulate blood circulation and relaxes the muscles to give you complete rest after a tiring day. It will work for approximately 8 hours to keep you warm on colder days.

It can be machine washed since its fabric is suitable for it. It also has a security system against overheating to avoid any type of accident.

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