Feel safe and confident at home while your baby plays under your watch.

It is a fact that being a parent requires time, effort and great dedication. Especially when you son is a newborn or is still too young to fend for himself. For this reason, it is recommended that you have a corral in which your baby can play safely while you are busy with homework House. Take a look at these models and choose the best one for you:

Portable pen and washable


Baby playpen design with a comfortable option transportable and washable lining. The 6 panels have measurements of 48 ″ wide and 26 ″ high. Portable and light.

Comfortable playpen for your little ones to rest and recreat inside safely. You will be able to watch your child without worrying about any major inconvenience.

Joovy: Portable, strong and high quality pen

Baby playpen model in a comfortable size laptop. Made of high quality, durable plastic material. This playpen is designed for children with a maximum height of 35 ″.

Comforting corral so that your son or daughter can sleep, rest, play and recreate in complete safety due to the resistance of their materials.

3. Skip hop: Transportable and durable travel pen


Baby and toddler playpen. Made of material resistant, in addition to having mesh walls, which allow greater ventilation and visualization of the child.

What stands out the most about this corral is its mesh that will facilitate better constant monitoring of your little one from anywhere in your home.

Babyseater: Portable playpen with door

Playard model in comfortable Portable size to keep your child safe during the day or night. Easy to transport and optimal installation.

This pen can be adapted anywhere in your house, as well as being resistant and trustworthy to keep your little one in a safe play and rest area.

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