A product that you must have in your car in winter.

Surely it has happened to you that winter is coming and you must deal with the snow and the high levels of ice that accumulate on your windshield. You have also surely requested the third party services so that it disappears, but perhaps the result is not what you expect. Fortunately, very practical and light tools have been created that you can always have close and so remove immediately ice from the windshield of your car. Look at the options that we show you below:

1. Snow brush set with ergonomic grip

It is a set of brushes with ergonomic grip with ABS handle and PVC bristles with a dimension of 27 inches long. It is black with fluorescent details on both the handle and the bristles.

This brush quickly removes ice without damaging the car. The handle provides a lot comfort and resistance, and also will not cause any type of allergies or negative effects on the skin when using it, considering the temperature under which it is used.

2. Ice scraper for car

It has a design ergonomic and non-slip, a wide silicone sheet that allows you to do the work much more efficiently and precisely. It also has ribbed shapes on both sides, as well as a groove in the handle and an air conductor.

This tool for removing ice from cars is very practical and simpleIt also protects your car from scratches or other damages since the density and consistency of the product allow you to carry out a gentle but immediate cleaning.

3. Set of scrapers cone shaped ice

This is a three piece cone shaped set to remove ice from the car. They have a round design and are made of plastic, whose training has multiple functionalities, as well as being easy and quick to use.

This tool can also be used for other things in your car, such as add liquids for washing. It is precisely designed to be easy to use, comfortable and flexible to grip and use.

4. Extendable snow brush for car GreatCool

It is a brush with 360 degree rotation with a foam handle with multiple functionality, thanks to the incorporates three units that separately fulfill other functions. It has two rows of bristles and is an extendable tool from 29 to 35 inches for more comfort and easy cleaning.

This brush makes removing ice from the windshield more efficient and deep since its PVC bristles have a focal function, that is, its high quality does not deviate the function to be fulfilled, it attacks the ice precisely and consistently.