To show off a spectacular manicure, the first thing you should do is ensure that your nail are healthy and strengthened. They are mainly made up of a protein called keratin which is in charge of giving it its structure and hardness; that is why it is important to give them the necessary care in order to maintain their normal keratin levels and guarantee healthy and resistant nails. Take a look at the products we recommend below and choose the best one for you.

1. Oil for cuticles


This revitalized oil is formulated to condition and nourish your cuticles. It contains honey that calms and hydrates naturally, while the lactic acid in milk refreshes and stimulates the skin.

Every time you do the manicure you should only gently massage your cuticles with this oil. In this way you are nourishing your cuticles and stimulating the healthy growth of your nails.

2. Handcream intensive care


It is a cream specially formulated for nourish and soften your hands with a very strong composition that is quickly absorbed. Its formula is not greasy and while it hydrates the skin, it also takes care of exfoliating the cells.

Its ideal combination allows your hands to be beautiful and healthy. In principle it works to hydrate the skin of your hands, as well as to strengthen your nails and promote their growth.

3. Anti solution mushrooms


Gently repairs and protects nails, from the restoration stage to the protection stage and after care. It is a solution for fungi that is formulated with essential oils Y vitamins.

It allows you a very easy application. Your container feather type allows you to apply it in a very comfortable way on the area of ​​your nails affected with the annoying fungi.

4. Cream of Strengthening

Its formula for strengthening nails and conditioning cuticles has been one of the best for 25 years. It has a delicious aroma of cherry and almonds that caresses the hands.

With this cream you prevent your nail they weaken, crack, flake and even break. It works even in the most serious cases of delicate nails. By applying it on your hands you are guaranteeing the strength and resistance of your nails.