The latest in cleaning products to care for and renovate wood floors.

The wood floor They usually look really beautiful, elegant and warm no matter what space in our house they are in. It is that wood is a totally natural material that provides a very beautiful and homey finish to any room, because when properly treated it is really beautiful and has the ability to beautify those places where you have previously planned to place it.

However, their maintenance It is an extremely delicate, complicated subject and on many occasions it can be really expensive if we do not know who to turn to or what products are more appropriate, so we could end up damaging that aspect of nature that we like so much. Wood floors are so versatile you can install them in any room or room in your home, including bathrooms, patio or around the pool, which will require much more care on your part since the wood when exposed to the environment tends to deteriorate more quickly.

Many experts advise techniques to care for these floors and thus be able to give them greater resistance to withstand the use to which they are subjected. Among these cares is the application of substances such as olive oil or oils that are preferably from natural ingredients to give them vitality and shine. The care you give to your wood floors also helps a lot.

Also, if you are looking for material to place at home, the experts in decoration they recommend not buying the right meters of the floor in case you need to carry out a repair or extra material to cover the entire surface. You should also keep in mind that the earth is an element that could accelerate the process of decomposition natural wood, so it is recommended that you keep the shoes you bring from the street with the least amount of contact with the floor to avoid the appearance of dust particles that can accumulate.

It is also important that you keep the water away from the wood, because it can leak, which causes the wood to swell, rot or damage. Another important fact for the maintenance of this type of floors is to apply wax at least twice a year. It is not a good idea to be exposed to the sun because it discolors the wood and you should always be careful to varnish and sand the floors every ten years as a general maintenance measure. This time we will share some of the best products so that you give proper care to your wood floors.

Cleaner of wooden floors

This practical cleaner has been created with neutral pH and a formula that does not leave sticky residue, to ensure effective cleaning against the strongest dirt. It is formulated to care for varnished wooden floors. The product is used easily just by pouring the solution that is made with water, alkoxylated alcohol, citric acid, among other chemicals that take care of your wooden surfaces.

One of the most important things about this product is that it contains the respective Greenguard certificate that protects users of products whose production may contain chemical substances that may endanger people who are in permanent contact with the cleaning liquid and on the floors where the content is poured. Keep the surfaces of your wood floors clean in a simple way and you will be sure that they will have a Long duration, they will look bright and good-looking so that they continue to beautify each of your spaces.

Enamel and restorer of wooden floors

These products have been specially made to clean wooden floors, give a natural shine and eliminate scratches caused by cats or dogs, preventing them from reappearing; this is accomplished since they create a protective layer on the floor that stays long and maintains its natural, shiny, professional-looking appearance. It is easy to apply with a cloth passing it over the surface. As it does not have toxic content, its odor is not annoying, so it can be used even when close to children and pets without causing harm or allergies.

You can use this product on surfaces made with oak, walnut, cherry, birch, ash, pine, bamboo, vinyl, hardwood, laminate and stone tile. So take advantage of all the benefits of this game of enamels protectors that will brighten your floors, even helping to restore them when their appearance has deteriorated.

3. Floor mop with wood spray

A useful mop with included spray system that is of the latest generation, ideal for wooden floors as it presents a quick and effective solution to clean and leave a natural and beautiful shine on surfaces. East cleaner leaves no residue because it is water-based. The Bona product comes with a refillable cartridge and a microfiber pad that is washable for longer. It features a wood floor cleaning formula that effectively removes dust from the surface. The mop has flexible rubber corners that protect baseboards and furniture from bumps and scratches

With a larger and more effective appearance, this mop will leave your hardwood floors very clean while providing vitality and long life to make them look more beautiful no matter what room they are decorating. Make cleaning the wood a moment unique and precious where order and stability are the result of deep sterilization.

4. Detergent for wood

This is a product specially designed for the intensive cleaning of wooden floors by the Polycare company that comes in a 3-liter plastic container, so that you have a large number of products for a long time. It has been created with a standard formula Detergent it cleans effectively and does not require prior rinsing on the surface. It has a delicious fresh aroma that gives it that characteristic wood smell without leaving residues.

Keeping clean at home is one of the daily tasks that we all love to do because it transmits a lot of peace and tranquility knowing that our spaces are in an environment free of germs that can produce allergies and diseases due to the accumulation of dirt that sometimes around us. All this includes the neatness of our floors where our children and even our pets pass, therefore, Polycare is ideal for you to start not only cleaning, but giving new life to those wooden floors that were forgotten. A concentrated formula that revitalizes and restores shine natural and freshness typical of wood.

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