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The cleaning of the house is a really important habit, since with it we eliminate dust and all the impurities that are found in it and accumulate over time. When cleaning, we must have all the necessary tools and products so that we can leave the house bright and totally disinfected. That is why below we present four Cleaning products perfect for your appliances.

1. Cleaner and rinse aid stainless steel

It is one of the best options to clean all those appliances that are made with stainless steel. They have a neutral pH formula that cleans quickly, shines and protects any surface.

You can clean your kitchen, refrigerator and many others home appliances of your house, at the same time that you leave them more shiny and beautiful thanks to the components of this spray that you can easily apply.

2. Product with properties antibacterial

This Lysol brand product is ideal for cleaning surfaces that have accumulated large amounts of fat like the pots and the kitchen surface. It has antibacterial properties that leave your spaces very clean.

It is ideal for you to use over your kitchen and instantly remove all the dirt from the entire room. Your format spray makes it very easy to apply on any surface.

3. Rinse aid biodegradable and resistant

A fully biodegradable formula that easily removes grease and dirt from every space in your kitchen and electromechanical with just one pass. Cleans, polishes and protects smooth surfaces like glass.

Its formula does not contain abrasive or toxic ingredients, so you can apply it safely without damaging your hands. It does not leave stains and is very effective to clean materials such as stainless steel and iron.

4. Cleaner for molten iron

This cleaner is ideal for use on smooth surfaces because it leaves them shiny and without traces of dust. Its patented formula cleanses stains left by dishes and kitchen utensils, as well as restoring the original shine of cast iron.

Every time you do a deep cleaning of your kitchen, this product must be available so you can leave every electromestic clean and without a single trace of dirt.