A clean carpet is synonymous with health and hygiene in your home, and it also makes a good impression on your guests. However, keeping it always impeccable is not an easy task. Rugs are very prone to accumulating dirt, dust, pet hair and much more. That’s not counting when we spill drinks or food on them. A good alternative to keep them always clean and that they look like new is with the products that we show you below for their care. So take a look and choose the best one for you.

1. Carpet cleaner Hoover PowerDash

This powerful cleaning tool has a comfortable, compact and lightweight design. Count with one drying and pouring system of solution that allows you to remove dust and dirt quickly.

With this cleaner you can maintain hygiene in the high use areas and small spaces. It is easy to use and very efficient. Perfect for attacking pet dirt and allergens.

2. Cleaner dry floor mats

Four pound jar with various ingredients as preservatives, non-toxic absorbent synthetic polymer, nonionic surfactant, inorganic substrate and fragrances.

With this powerful formula you can remove moisture and avoid bacteria, mold and allergens, as well as help the durability of your carpets. With this innovative product you can keep out dirt, bad smells and dust.

3. Carpet shampoo Natures Miracle

64 ounces of Low Foam Natures Miracle Advanced formula with Odor Lock for odor blocking bioenzymatic. It also has conditioners and polishes.

You can use this product in any cleaning machine dry or steam. It works directly on the carpet fibers, attacking them bad allergens, stains and bad odors.

4. Carpet cleaner with 4 special brushes

Have a rotating brush Dirt Lifter Power Brush that has four rows. With a folding handle and a two-tank system and a removable nozzle, as well as EdgeSweep bristles, it supports oxygenated action technology.

This machine is easy to compact and move. It is very powerful and removes accumulated dirt. You can quickly clean stains, remove bad smells and stubborn dirt.