An intense and natural color that does not mistreat your scalp.

The hair It helps us frame our face, that’s why the way we wear it is considered by many to be a way of defining our personality. Keeping it healthy and beautiful is essential, however it is inevitable that we consider dyeing it to start a makeover. Thinking about this, we show you below the best products to change the color of your hair without having to resort to chemical dyes.

1. Wax to dye the hair


This wax is made with natural ingredients, they do not produce irritation in the scalp and it is made with little aggressive ingredients with the environment. Its formula is easily applied and does not leave a greasy feeling.

Is a versatile option that allows you to mold, sculpt and create texture in your mane safely. You can start each day with a new hair style without having to go to the beauty salon often.

2. Conditioner with natural coloring


It is a foam-free conditioner cleaner that has been designed to infuse a color pigment instantly on hair with each wash. It allows to add dazzling tones and maintain the vitality of the hair at the same time.

Just apply one generous amount to completely cover your hair, let it act for a few minutes on the fibers and then rinse it with plenty of water to achieve an intense and natural color.

3. Whiteboard of colors for hair treatment


Available in eight colors They allow you to create a large number of styles, they are easy to apply and remove, in case you decide to change the color. When you wash your hair, the pigment is instantly removed so you can apply a new

It is an option practical and versatile that allows you to easily expand the range of colors that you can apply to your hair, without having to resort to chemicals that can permanently damage it.

3. Chalk comb For the hair


This set includes ten fantastic chalk combs that allow you to temporarily color your hair. They give you the possibility to change your appearance and create a wide variety of styles quickly, safely and easily.

You can use them individually or mix them to design a more personal style. The pigment in these chalks can last approximately up to three days on your hair.