Eliminates bad odors and prolongs the life of your food.

Our fridge It is one of the most generous household appliances that we can have at home, since it stores all our foods For the day to day; however, with so many combinations they could appear unpleasant smells that could even impregnate the rest of the food that we have in it. Therefore, here we present you the four best products for remove bad smells from your fridge.

1. Capsules for lengthen the freshness of food

Comes in an easy-to-use presentation that fits inside the refrigerator and replace every three months. It is a pack of two capsules in the shape of an apple that eliminate odors and maintain the freshness of food.

It is a capsule that keeps products fresh for a long time, and helps reduce food waste On the fridge.

2. Fruit Fresh: odor and moisture remover

This product absorbs odors, ethylene gas and humidity in the fridge. The lemon-shaped disk is placed in the fruit and vegetable drawers to keep them fresh. Each 100 gram pack lasts up to 30 days.

The Fruit Fresh absorbs up to 10% of its own weight in condensation that reduces humidity and contains activated carbon.

3. Ethylene gas absorbent for the fridge

This super cool product for you fridge absorbs and neutralizes ethylene gas prolonging the life of food.

It is easy to use, you just put it inside the fridge in a place where it is fixed and this will keep the balanced smells inside the refrigerator.

4. Deodorant for refrigerator

This is an ideal deodorant for keep your fridge cool eliminating odors in just hours. It is made with non-toxic ingredients.

Keeps food fresh and has a long-lasting effectiveness, up to 6 months, better than bicarbonate itself.