Release the tension in your body and mind with the help of these massagers.

The daily work routine, responsibilities and concerns can make us be at the end of the day exhausted not only physically, but also mentally; which generates high levels of stress and tension. And since it is medically proven that suffering from chronic stress can generate future ailments in the health of our body, it is important to take care of it in order to maintain our wellness. A good way to release stress and tension after a long day at work is with a good massage, and with the help of massagers that we show you below you will no longer have to go to the spa or spend money on it.

1. Massager Back and Neck


This massager has eight nodes of Shiatsu massage, which provide a deep massage to calm tiredness and relieve muscle tension. Its adjustable intensity button gives you three speeds: low, medium and high.

It also has a advanced thermal function which transfers heat to the muscles. You can program it to automatically turn off after twenty minutes of use.

2. Massager Wireless Wand


The head of this wand massager is quite flexible, so it can easily adapt to any body part. The handle is made of firm ABS and the head is covered in silic

This electric massager offers you a unbeatable power for body massage, with intense vibrations and focused on each touch from head to toe to enjoy comprehensive relaxation.

3. Massager Deep Tissue


It is made with a powerful motor that generates up to 3600 pulses per minute, in order to alleviate the pain of effective way. After twenty minutes it automatically turns off.

The deep tissue massager relieves pain throughout your body, and its percussion technology It can help to relax and relieve pain in the feet, calves, shoulders, neck, back, muscles, arms and legs.

Wireless Equipment Neck massage


Made with a material of soft silicone, breathable and skin-friendly, which does not create pressure on the neck artery. Its ergonomic U-shape design fits comfortably so you can even use it while lying down.

Includes a function of fast compression hot and preheat function, a built-in NTC sensor and temperature control that gives you a warm and comfortable experience.