If you are one of those who usually leaves the key inside the house or car, this is for you.

If we must be constantly aware of something, it is the safety of our children, relatives and belongings, which generally and mostly remain sheltered in the home, work places, wallets, cars, drawers and even in highly visible places. Unfortunately, as societies have advanced in the production of material goods to raise the quality of life and ease of human beings, it also advances crime and bad tricks to disturb the tranquility, patience and effort of all families.

The shelter of the home and everything it houses is fundamental to the family environment, that’s why whenever you go out you should be aware of each of the accessories that you are leaving, and if in any case or any circumstance you forget the key, you should always have one up your sleeve; that is, that at the expense of carelessness you should always have a plan B, and that is nothing more than a replacement key, and in this case you must keep it under good protection and that it goes unnoticed in the eyes of the curious, neighbors and criminals, as well as animals, especially puppies.

Fortunately there are very practical, light accessories, compact and portable they are able to house keys and other series of objects of great importance. From stones to lock boxes, they are part of the ingenuity for this type of case and have also become highly durable tools, high quality and resistance, impenetrable and indestructible for the most part.

Being cautious is an advantage that will facilitate and provide much organization to your life, and artifacts of this type are the ideal piece for you to maintain that rhythm of organization, versatility, flexibility and calm. Aspects that you can add to your day to day in a very simple and practical way, stopping using tricks and old tricks. Look at the following options for the protection of your keys and do not stay away from home.

1. False stone to hide one spare key

It is a rock shaped lock box so you can hide your spare keys with a design, texture and colors of very real look that you can easily hide in your garden or any other place you consider strategic. It is strong and durable enough to get you out of trouble.

This ingenious product provides your life with the organization, tranquility and flexibility you require. It is easy to use and great capacity, light, compact and pleasant. You can move it and you can feel the security that you are carrying a real stone in your hands. Who can imagine that the stone in your garden is the shelter of the key to your home or car?

2. Safe for TTRwin keys

It is a four-digit safe for the protection of the keys with a very light and compact design, portable and weather resistant. It is designed to hold up to five keys safe way Whether they are in your car, house, room, garage, office or other important environment. It is made of a highly resistant and durable material with a zinc alloy, antioxidant and non-corrosive, and it also has a non-slip cover and strong supports that guarantee stability and maximum security.

With this key storage box you can become the perfect strategist for the security and integrity of your home, car, room and more personal spaces. This innovative safe is the perfect solution for you to keep your keys and you can customize security of them thanks to the four-digit password. This is one of the best solutions to keep your keys safe, because it undoubtedly provides an excellent security option, especially something as sensitive and delicate as keys.

3. It guards the key in the form of sprinkler nozzle

It is a small black artifact for the shelter and hiding of keys, in the shape of a sprinkler nozzle. It is made of high quality and durable materials. In the internal part it has a wide space and it is unscrewed, which facilitates its use. Its sharp design provides insertion into the ground or grass.

Do not worry if at any time you lost or left the bunch of keys at home, with this accessory you can be sure that you will never stay away from homeAnd if it ever happened to you, it is a thing of the past. The time has come for you to feel comfortable and calm. This is a security implement that is very easy to install but difficult for anyone other than you or yours to identify. Much less being in the garden and coming into play with the other typical elements of a lawn such as hoses, stones, among other objects.

4. Box with digit lock

It is a lock box for the protection of keys, small objects and accessories of great value. It has a security system that combines four resettable digits. It is also very strong and high quality and it is made of hardened steel and zinc alloy that provide double resistance, preventing it from being violated and penetrated. This package also comes with a user guide, heavy-duty wall-mount screws and four plastic expansion plugs, which along with its other advantages can stand firm on any hard surface whether it be on walls, metals, woods and others. spaces.

With this lock box you can not worry about losing your keys, you already know where you have a copy of them safe. It is also very practical to store other small ones useful items and value, such as memory cards, among others. In addition, this product generally combines with any design or decoration style, since it has very simple, elegant and sober finishes that you can easily go in contrast to this simple lock box. You can install it in the kitchen, hallway, room, behind the doors, in some closet or showcase.