Forget about discomfort and recover your daily well-being.

A large portion of adults at some point in their lives experience the unpleasant symptoms of hemorrhoids; A pathology that occurs when the veins of the rectum and anus swell under pressure attributed to various factors, such as pregnancy, obesity, heavy lifting, or constipation. At the time these symptoms appear, it is important to know how to identify their cause in order to give proper treatment. A good alternative is the products that we show you below, with which you can relieve discomfort and recover your daily well-being.

1. Ointment with organic herbs

H – Salve is an easily absorbed cream balm that is composed of organic herbs such as arnica, white oak bark and essential oils that They act directly on hemorrhoids to alleviate their symptoms.

This homeopathic treatment contains astringent properties that provide soothing relief for itching, burning, pain, and swollen hemorrhoidal tissue, while prevents future recurrences.

2. Supplement HemRid Max

Hemrid Max is a supplement with an innovative formula based on natural ingredients that quickly relieve the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids. Contains 45 vegetable capsules.

Best of all is that symptoms can decrease with just one day of treatmentAs it works from the inside out and focuses on providing long-term pain and itch relief.

3. Alleviate Cream fast action

Alleviate cream is a hemorrhoid treatment Formulated with ingredients that contain natural properties that help relieve itching, pain, swelling, and bleeding.

But also, this soft fast-acting balm It acts as a natural anesthetic, restores blood flow, and heals inflamed tissues so that bowel movements are less painful.

4. Ointment Doctor butler

The Doctor Butler ointment is composed of a natural herbal, mineral and amino acid base They act effectively to leave behind the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids.

It offers a bi-strengthening effect that heals the anal fissure and the inflamed tissues that generate pain, itching, burning and swelling. In addition, it is combined with topical pain relievers with antimicrobial effects simplify personal hygiene.