The sore throat It is a condition that can be caused by inflammation or infection in this area. These types of ailments tend to also appear as a symptom of some more complex conditions such as fever or laryngitis. There are different types of treatments to relieve sore throat, but this time we show you the best options made with natural ingredients.

1. Tablets made with natural ingredients

These are pills formulated completely with natural ingredients They are placed under the tongue and dissolve quickly. They are safe to be used in children and older adults.

As soon as symptoms begin, it is recommended that you place two tablets under the tongue three times a day until the pain disappears completely.

2. Formula in spray to treat sore throat

This is a throat spray made from bee propolis, a natural ingredient that acts as a protector and booster for the immune system. This formula has been used for centuries as an effective treatment to combat throat related ailments.

A product rich in antioxidants which is made up of 300 beneficial compounds for the body. It has been carefully tested to ensure effective relief of all symptoms of sore throat.

3. Pills honey and lemon


They are pills that have been specially formulated to temporarily relieve minor irritation, sore throat, sore mouth and even dry cough. Each unit has a pleasant taste of honey and lemon.

You just have to put a pill in your mouth as soon as the pain starts and let it dissolve naturally so you can feel a immediate relief and for a long time.

4. Gargle to soothe the throat


It is a natural remedy for sore throat It is formulated to reduce inflammation, calm persistent cough, relieve nasal congestion, tactile mucus and eliminate bacteria living in this area.

They are made with minerals and vitamins long used to treat infections, swelling, inflammation, irritation and relief of sore throat from bacteria.

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