Although a motorcycle It has a smaller size than other vehicles, it also requires specific care and maintenance. One of the parts that needs more attention is the paintingThat is why it is important to have the right products to make it shine like new again. That is why here we show you some product options so you can give your motorcycle the maximum shine with minimum effort.

1. Eliminator Scratches


It is a product specially formulated for the repair of scratches in black and dark colored paints. It can be used safely in any transparent layer, whether you apply it in one or more stages.

Not only does it remove swirls and scratches on your motorcycle, it also restores the shine of the paint and restores the original appearance. Simply apply it lightly with the included pad.

2. Polisher liquid metal


It is an enamel specially designed to restore shine to any metal surface. It is formulated with special cleaners to remove contamination and blemishes.

It works great for restoring chrome metal, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass, silver, and gold. It is the best product to maintain and revive the brightness of your motorcycle.

3. Spray Wax Seal


This formula is safe to apply to every surface of any vehicle, without worrying about white residue or streaks. Its constant use produces a deep shine, a surface slippery and more durable protection.

You just have to spray it on your motorcycle and clean, you do not need the help of a professional to make your motorcycle shiny and like new. It is an easy and quick option to apply to excellent results.

4. Remover of blemishes instant


It’s a scratch and swirl remover that’s formulated to restore motorcycle mirror and paint shine in one easy step. It is designed for a time of fast work and under any conditions.

With the application of this fabulous product you eliminate quickly and safely Minor paint defects from the first pass, improved the appearance of your motorcycle to make it look fresh and shiny.