The white hair It is those hairs that have lost pigmentation due to decreased melanin production. They can start to appear for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common is age. This type of hair is considered rebel because its texture is very thick and porous. However, gray hair is not a problem if you use the right products to treat it, as well as the ones shown below:

1. Hair mask with Argan oil


It is a hair mask with argan oil clinically proven to hydrate, repair, restore and strengthen damaged hair, weakened and subjected to treatments with heat or strong chemicals.

In addition to deeply conditioning your hair, it restores and regenerates it to make it smoother, softer and healthy. Its formula is ideal for shaping and improving the appearance of gray hair.

2. Serum for dry hair

They are capsules that are part of a treatment suitable for all hair types. A formula enriched with keratin amino acids, silk protein and vitamins of the B5 complex to strengthen, hydrate and repair every fiber of the scalp.

Very easy to use, you only have to break or turn the tip of the capsule and apply the serum directly to the hair. It is formulated to be used daily since it gives it an effect of hydration and long-lasting luminosity.

3. Avocado mask For the hair


An expertly formulated mask with beneficial hair care ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, avocado and biotin to promote thicker follicle growth.

Its formula provides a deep conditioning and thickening for all hair types. A very practical and functional option to improve the texture and appearance of gray hair.

4. Intense hydration with natural oils


Intensive hydration treatment in the form of a mask that has been formulated with natural ingredients specially combined to hydrate and nourish each hair fiber in depth.

You only need to apply to your clean and damp hair a generous and uniform amount of the product that goes from the roots to the ends. Then you let her act for 5 minutes And finally you rinse your hair very well to start perceiving the results almost immediately.