Our furry friends also deserve fresh breath.

To take good care of your dog it is not enough to bathe him, feed him and take him out for a walk; you also need to have a good oral hygiene that allows you to strengthen your teeth and fangs and thus have a healthier life. To achieve this, it is necessary to offer products that maintain their teeth and gums in good condition, and the tools necessary to give you a proper brushing and specially thought of your needs.

1. Chewy toothbrush with mint flavor HETOO

Based natural rubberThis dog toothbrush is eco-friendly, durable, and toxic-free. Your dog will love to bite it and use it as a toy, but it will also be improving its oral health.

With a pleasant mint flavorThis brush allows your dog to rid itself of plaque buildup, reduce tartar, and improve oral and dental health.

2.Tooth cleaner and bleach flavored with mint and vanilla

Based sodium bicarbonate, with this product you will be able to clean and whiten your dog’s teeth in a natural and safe way, so it will be able to wear a 5-star smile.

It also helps remove tartar from your teeth and bad breath from your mouth. This way you help keep it clean and healthy to avoid future suffering.

3. Spray to refresh breath TropiClean

This cleansing water has been developed with natural ingredients so as not to cause side effects in your pet. Due to its spray presentation it is easy to apply and can also be used on cats.

With 3 drops a day, remove plaque and keeps your dog free of bad breath for up to 24 hours without brushing.

4. Oral cleaning kit for puppies Nylabone

This cleaning kit count three accessories– A cleaning brush, massage brush, and toothpaste made with Denta-C, a compound scientifically proven to reduce plaque that creates bacteria.

The design of the brushes will facilitate the cleaning process And your pet will be left with fresh breath and healthy teeth and gums.