An emergency kit that cannot be missing in your car.

The tires They are one of the most important parts of our car, but they can also be the most likely to suffer a mishap when we are driving. This is why it is important to have the tools necessary to be able to repair them in the event of a emergency on the road and be able to safely reach our destination. Thinking about this, here we show you the best tire repair kits on your own and effectively, which cannot be missing in your car.

1. Repair Kit of 75 pieces


It is made of refined steel of high quality. Improved tire patches meet the highest auditing standards and can repair the toughest tires on the market.

It has a great adherence, flexibility and shock absorption. It has a long service life, can withstand the most difficult repairs and achieve the best seal for tires.

2. Kit Universal Repair


Includes all tools neededLike rope plugs and sealing lubricants to complete the entire tire repair process in your own garage. It is a complete set for mechanics in your home.

Ideal for repair punctures of tires without removing them from the rim, this will save you time and money repairing your own tires directly from your home.

3. Kit Tire repair with instructions


Includes everything you need to repair quickly flat tires on sedans, bicycles, SUVs, tractors and almost all tubeless tires. The plugs are easy to insert.

Everything comes in a handy sturdy case so you can easily transport it and store it inside your vehicle or at home. It is ideal and convenient for you to do the repairs yourself.

4. Compact Kit Tire Repair


Includes uniquely designed T-handle reamer puller and extra strong repair cords to ensure a reliable repair, also includes silver pencil gauge.

This tire repair kit has all the tools needed To repair your flat tire, conveniently organized in a compact case.