Keep your investment safe with these surveillance systems.

If you are concerned about security from your workplace, office or home, the most recommended is to have a technological security system that allows you to keep it watched at all times and thus always know what is happening no matter where you are. That is why this time we show you the best security and surveillance systems easy to install that you can start using right away.

ZOSI: Security system with high resolution cameras

Model of security system and surveillance for different types of spaces. It has 1 central 8-channel, 1 TB hard drive and 5 high-resolution waterproof cameras.

If you are looking for cutting-edge technology, this security system with all the equipment Integrated surveillance is ideal for you. You can be calm in your workplace, since any type of movement will be captured.

ZOSI: 2TB Hard Drive Surveillance System

ZOSI presents a team system for surveillance, designed for use in both open and closed spaces. It has 4 surveillance dome cameras and 4 Bullet HD cameras, which allow high-resolution recording and DVR recording and live viewing through a smartphone with WiFi 3G / 4G support.

With this security system technological, you will be able to maintain a control in your office or in the different areas of your business, due to the images that will be filtered by high-resolution cameras.

3. ANNKE: Surveillance equipment with waterproof cameras

Surveillance equipment that has the latest technology. It does not require wiring, real reproduction or connection for its installation. It has a wireless host 4-channel 1080P, with 1080P waterproof bullet security cameras. Likewise, it presents an integrated microphone and speaker to speak and listen freely.

Ideal option to install as surveillance equipment at your workplace. You will not have to worry about any technical problem regarding liquids that threaten the system, due to its waterproof characteristic.

REOLINK: Wireless Security Camera System

Surveillance and security system that has Full HD 1080p cameras and night vision 300 ft., no wiring problem due to wireless installation. Sharpness and high quality of video with night vision. In turn, this model does not require a base station, since it works with a 2.4G wifi router.

Camera set to monitor exteriors and interiors without any wiring. This option is highly recommended if you are looking to capture sharp images of your office and maintain state-of-the-art surveillance.