Travel with ease this summer and carry all your luggage safely.

One of the most fun and exciting plans for him summer is to take road trips in the company of your family, friends or those special people. In this sense, we must organize the luggage so that the space inside you car be more comfortable and everything is much more practical. So, with the help of adjustable straps you can carry your luggage safely in the roof of your car.

1. Tapes with Locking Buckle


Is a functional kit of 3 pieces of colorful tie down straps in two different sizes. It is perfect for securing small and medium loads in your vehicles without using hook straps.

You don’t need hooks, load clips, clamps or tie down straps. They are strong, resistant and ideal for daily use.

2. Straps Adjustable Tie Down


These adjustable tie down straps are made of high quality polyesterStrong and lightweight with a metal cam buckle. They can carry between 100 and 300 pounds.

They are ideal for mooring quick release and to secure your luggage when traveling on the roads. You just have to adjust them and then quickly and firmly fasten all the suitcases to the roof of your car.

3. Strap Ratchet


They are made from the most reliable materials available and with the highest workmanship, to ensure your luggage is insurance. Made with a polyester mesh, resistant to water and UV rays.

They’re a convenient and versatile alternative when you must carry your luggage on the roof of the vehicle. These straps ensure and guarantee that none of your belongings are damaged or lost.

4. Straps Adjustable Load


These tie down straps are made of 100% polyester, the cambuckle is made of one zinc fusion, the buckle remains shiny and has corrosion resistance, without flimsy plastic.

They provide you with a safe transport for the roof rack of your vehicle. With this tether strap your luggage is insurance when you have it on the roof and move down the road.