Today’s children spend more time connected to technological devices than doing physical activities, and parents must do everything possible to promote moments of exercise and recreation so that they maintain their health and well-being. It is not always necessary to leave the house to enjoy a good dose of fun and exercise; the basketball It is an excellent choice of sports that can be practiced at home, and is a favorite for children and adults. Take a look at these sets with which you can share fun and quality times with family and friends:

1. Basketball set Liberty Imports

Set for indoors or outdoors with 27 ″ x 18 ″ board with nylon net, 15 ″ balloon and air pump. Requires wall or grate mounting.

This board can be hung on the door or screwed onto any surface. Perfect for kids or teens to have fun and exercise without leaving home.

2. SKLZ: Basket with height adjustment

This kit includes a backing board with adjustable pole and base, nylon mesh hoop, wheels at the bottom and extra height support; also brings the ball.

Fill the mobile base with sand or water for greater stability and allow your children to enjoy an afternoon of sports with their friends. This set is easy to move to any place armed or unarmed.

3. Training set Tuko

Set of basketball shooting practice suitable for indoors and outdoors. Includes board, support structure with tights, 3 balls and inflator.

This set does not require tools to be assembled; in addition, its structure facilitates practice keeping the balls in one place.

4. Hoop and ball kit Liberty Imports

Basketball air board with rim and nylon mesh, comes with a ball. Includes accessories necessary to be placed on walls or doors.

This practical board is easy to install And it can be placed in the patio, playroom and even in your child’s room.