An essential item in the bathroom.

One of the spaces within our houses where good hygiene and order is essential is within the quarter bath. In this sense, one of the elements that should not be missing within it are the towels. Currently there are different types that you can choose according to the materials, designs or quality they have. This time we show you the best options available at an excellent price.

1. Set of towels made with microfiber

It is a game made entirely of microfiber, a material that allows you to experience a sensation soft and nice on the skin. Its design allows them to dry quickly, thus preventing the formation of mold and odors.

They are delicate and soft pieces with your skin that give you the best option in terms of material, shape and texture. These towels are light and you can fold them with extreme ease.

2. Towels cotton fast absorbing


This is a set of six light weight cotton towels that also have a texture soft and fluffy which guarantees a quick absorption. They can be machine washed and tumble dried for easy care.

They feel soft to the touch and when passed over the skin. They also hold firm over time as they are designed in a shape that makes them very resistant to rips.

3. Towel set ultra slim


It is a set that of six towels with different sizes They are mainly made with luxuriously spun cotton, this makes them softer to the touch and gives them a very absorbent thickness.

Its intense and vibrant colors allow them to combine with the decoration of your bathroom, they are also functional, durable and can be machine washed. It is recommended to wash them before being used so that they are softer when in contact with the skin.

4. Bath towels with materials luxury


A set of bath towels consisting of four towels made entirely with spun cotton ring. They are highly absorbent, but light and soft on contact with the skin.

An excellent option that should not be missing in your bathroom. Their size makes them very comfortable to distribute them in hangers from the shower, from the walls or even fold them on the shelves to keep them in a safe place.