Purify the energies of your home and your environment with these crystals.

The crystals they have great healing power in people. This is known as crystal therapy, and it is an ancient art that seeks to generate more health in people, through the stones. This is an alternative to natural medicine and was conceived by ancient civilizations to balance the chakras to achieve the transformation of energies of the human body. So if you want to start in the world of healing and crystal healing, take a look at the sets that we show you below and choose the best one for you:

1. Crystal Healing Kit 6 stones

East set of six colorful minerals, have been combined with red, blue, green and orange calcite, with rose quartz and light quartz. Comes with a black velvet pouch. All stones are of quality and come with certificate included.

These stones are ideal to give to anyone you want to align all their chakras with so they have a better quality of life and you are in very good health.

2. Healing kit 17 pieces

These stones are ideal for aligning the chakras. 7 gems are coming of colors in different sizes with an amethyst cluster and a rose quartz pendulum. It also includes an essential oil to elevate mood.

This set of stones comes in various colors They attract good energy and help maintain good health in people.

3. Precious stones to balance the energies

This beautiful set comes with seven chakra crystals and healing stones. With these stones the person releases the toxins and dirt that are acquired with the energies. Includes a clear quartz, tiger’s eye, rose quartz, and amazonite to bring you abundance in different areas of your life.

Attract prosperity to your life loving, health, finance and spirituality. This beautiful set of crystals will give a healthy energy to your room or office.

4. Quality crystals for the balance of chakras

This set includes seven stones such as red jasper (root), carnelian (sacrum), citrine (solar plexus), aventurine (heart), sodalite (throat), amethyst (third eye), and clear quartz (crown) plus a cluster of amethyst rose quartz, quartz point polished, palo santo and selenite.

When you use this set of healing crystals you will collect the good energies. It is important that they be cleaned frequently.