Poor diet, lack of sleep and stress are some factors that over time can be the cause of the different conditions of the scalp. However, another factor to take into account is the products with chemical ingredients that can make your hair lose its shine and generate some side reactions irreversible such as hair loss or severe dehydration.

The most common factors that can affect the Health of hair are washing it very frequently, chlorine from the pool, the sun and environmental pollutants that can lead to an imbalance in your hair. Cell structure and increased sebum secretion. Among the most common symptoms of a poorly nourished scalp are loss of color, split ends, dryness and loss of color.

Thanks to new advances in the world of hair care, many products have innovated their formulas and have begun to add more ingredients to natural origin with antimicrobial compounds that effectively cleanse the scalp to remove dandruff and help regulate pH. Many have managed to get rid of compounds as harmful as silicone and sulfates, in order to avoid problems such as hair loss at all costs and offer benefits such as greater smoothness.

If of care and maintenance of the scalp we speak, it is more than logical to mention the shampoos and conditioners. Each of them is designed to fulfill a specific function, the purpose of which is nourish and strengthen the cells that make up our hair in order to restore its natural qualities. Something that could be very beneficial to you is buying sets that include shampoo and conditioner, and in this way you will be sure that both will complement each other.

Most of the sets of shampoos and conditioners They are made of herbs and essential oils that benefit the health of each hair fiber, contributing to a better structure of the mane and reinforcing its nutrients to prevent any problem such as split ends. And it is that they have formulas with antioxidants that stimulate the Hair follicles and cellular activity. Best of all, they are free of toxic toxins and sulfates so your hair will not be adversely affected.

The most recommended for a healthy hair is that you wash at intervals of days with warm water and using organic products that meet your specific needs. For this you must take into account certain features of your scalp such as how oily or dry it is, if it is prone to dandruff, if you have recently dyed it or if your scalp is sensitive to certain ingredients. At the end of the wash, it is important that you rinse it with cold water so that the pores close and it is much brighter.

This time you can meet some sets that are made up of shampoos and conditioners with formulas made entirely with extracts of natural ingredients and that you could take into account so that you get that mane healthy, silky, shiny and manageable that you have sought so much.

1. Formula based on aloe vera and seaweed

A 21-day treatment that’s formulated with a powerful blend of organic ingredients rich in essential antioxidants like seaweed, aloe vera and argan oil that nourish, repair your hair and completely revitalize it. It has a particular aroma that combines essences of citrus fruits, vanilla and exotic species.

It is a set of cleansers made from antimicrobial compounds derived from essential oils and organically grown plants that are ideal for combating fungal growth and regulate pH of the scalp. In addition to everything, they are the best tool to ensure that your hair remains healthy, soft and manageable at all times.

2. Hair cleaning set rich in antioxidants

Professional quality products formulated with coconut milk, an essential natural ingredient to provide hair with the necessary moisture to strengthen it and prevent split ends. The compound also contains extracts of aloe vera and antioxidants to stabilize the pH, obtain a more vivid color and a silkier scalp.

It is a game that has a botanical formula that is exclusively designed to hydrate your hair from the root to ends. Likewise, it contains active agents that work to protect the health of the scalp and provide infinite benefits to its color, volume and manageability. The main objective of the combination of shampoo and conditioner is to give you clean, dandruff-free and oily hair.

3. Organic compound of coconut water

It is a set of shampoo and conditioner composed mainly of two ingredients: oil and milk from organic coconuts They stimulate hair growth and provide maximum hydration so that your fine hair recovers its volume, shine and the strength necessary to prevent split ends and other hair problems.

Plant-based cleaners are high in minerals and antioxidants, which provide many benefits to hair health. Its regular use allows you to eliminate excess fat, dandruff and promotes the healthy growth of follicles. In addition, its natural formula combines perfectly to create a mix of unique scents that make washing your hair a unique experience for all the senses.

4. Intense moisturizers almond extract

With a unique combination of almonds and shea butter, two natural ingredients that together help deeply hydrate and repair hair from root to tip. Its formula is also rich in emollients that repair damaged hair fibers, restore the natural pH and result in a shiny and healthy looking mane.

The most effective option to revive hair damaged by dyes, bleach or heat treatments. You can include it in your beauty routine and you will guarantee a total cleaning that will leave your scalp completely free of fat, repair damaged cells, detangle it and give it a healthier shine. And it is that this range of products with vegetarian ingredients work perfectly in any hair type, since it adapts perfectly to the needs of each one of them.