The cars They need care and maintenance. The rugs They are a very important element since they protect the car floor from dirt, dirt, mud, ice or snow that can damage our car. There are many designs and brands on the market. However, this time we present you the 4 best strong and durable mat sets for your car you must have:

1. OxGord: design and quality

The complete set of rubber mats OxGord It is completely resistant and of universal fit. 3 pieces come in black or gray color. 2 front mats for the driver and passenger and 1 rear mat.

They are easy to install. Floor mats fit custom. They are made with materials that are made of 100% rubber, easy to clean and washable. The mats will provide protection against all types of weather: hail, snow, ice and rain.

2. Custom Accessories: set of individual rugs

The rubber floor mats are made of high quality and resistance materials. All-weather floor mats are designed to be trimmed so they can be customized to almost any vehicle.

They are designed to ensure that the mats do not kink, crack or harden in sub-zero weather conditions. The product also has a non-slip backing. Its design is avant-garde and modern.

3. AmazonBasics: Set of 3 pieces

The new car mats from AmanzonBasics They will protect the floors of your vehicle from snow, dirt, mud and more. Includes 3 pieces of rubber mats. The mats provide a reliable layer of protection against accidental spills and other items.

It is ideal for both a car, truck or SUV. The three-piece set fits a wide range of makes and models. It comes in various colors: black, beige, and gray. It is easy to clean and folds easily.

4. Motor Trend: super resistant rugs

The rugs of the series Tough Tortoise by Flex They are designed to provide maximum protection for your car. Linear and diagonal ridges of unique construction are strategically placed to maximize the mat’s dirt-holding capabilities.

They are made of polymers of highest quality and they are odorless and non-toxic. They can be customized for a better fit. It comes in various colors.