Exfoliating the skin is an act of cleaning that helps to eliminate excess dead cells from the body so that you can look much cleaner, renewed and with a much more healthy appearance. Without a doubt this is one of the beauty rituals that will undoubtedly leave you a smooth, beautiful, good-colored dermis and above all much more soft.

The action of exfoliate The skin cells with certain regularity bring many benefits such as stimulating blood circulation through massage. This action serves as a stimulus to improve heart rate and many other positive consequences for general health. Doing this activity is part of a hygiene ritual much more thorough and is an efficient way to pamper your skin, an exfoliation treatment performed efficiently helps us to eliminate toxins from the body and protects us from external agents.

When you exfoliate the skin you are helping to eliminate all those dead cells of the dermis. Performing this type of skin care treatment during the shower makes the skin look, feel cleaner and toned, it also prevents premature aging, contributes to improving the Blood flow and it favors the oxygenation of the cells that are part of the skin, making it look much fresher and rejuvenated.

Among the most outstanding benefits of this treatment is the renewal of each of the cells that make up the dermis since these delicate massages release the toxins from the pores of the skin, as well as it will improve the appearance of the skin giving a smooth sensation. A curious fact is that an exfoliation treatment prepares the skin for the application of any other product and will have a greater effect because the skin is cleaner and if you plan get tan on the beach your skin will be more intense, beautiful and without spots or residues that generate dark areas.

So if you are looking for the most efficient way to carry out an exfoliation treatment that helps regenerate the cells that make up your skin. You don’t need to spend a lot in an expensive spa, you just need to have at home one of the exfoliation brushes like the ones shown here, with which you can remove any trace of dirt and impurities from your skin.

1. Shower brush with wooden handle

Showering will be a pleasure with this brush for the moment of a deeper cleaning during the bath. This tool is made like a double-headed metal brush with a wooden handle that extends for comfort and to allow you to reach the most difficult-to-reach parts of the body. When the bristles of the brush dry They begin to rub against your skin, they are exfoliating and cleaning the cells thoroughly. If you want the application to be smoother, then wash the brush with hot water and proceed to cleaning. Each bristle is made from soft nylon that can even be used to treat sensitive skin.

By having this body cleaning tool at home, you can massage the skin and thoroughly clean all the cuticle and dirt on its surface. In addition, you can arrive without effort to more difficult to reach places like the back and legs. This shower brush comes with a storage bag and a free replacement from its manufacturers that offer up to 12 months warranty.

2. Brush with synthetic bristles for you skin

A beautiful, delicate, purposeful brush that is designed to exfoliate the skin and restore the natural softness of the skin and restores the same baby-like texture. This specimen is made with nylon bristles that treat the skin delicately while the curved handle for a better grip and with its resistant structure it allows you to reach those difficult places such as the back and the back of your legs. With the frequent use of this brush you can increase blood circulation, this will improve the health and appearance of your skin while eliminating dead cells, toxins, and leaving pores open and ready for any type of treatment you are going to apply. in the next step.

Exfoliating your skin will not be difficult once you have this brush among your bathroom items. At the time of going to the shower, you will only need this product and start brushing the body by activating each area of ​​it and removing dirt and dead skin. This brush is hygienic and can be easily cleaned with warm water after having fulfilled its function and then drying it, for a next use. Remember that health comes first. Therefore, we must always be surrounded by the best products and tools to take care of us.

3. Design with long handle

A comfortable and ergonomic bath brush that is of great quality that has been designed with a long handle so that it can be used more easily when carrying out the respective exfoliation routine. It is an ideal brush to be able to deeply massage the dermis which helps to treat dry skin and leave it ready to be hydrated. Its constant use serves to give rich and delicious massages and in the areas with cellulite, it allows to activate the circulation promoting cell regeneration which will give you a smoother and cleaner skin from areas such as the back and legs.

This brush is ideal for that moment when you want to be in the shower, pampering your body and restoring to your skin the fresh and smooth appearance that the skin originally had. The edges of the brush allow it to slide easily across the entire surface of the dermis massaging each part of your body. Those minutes of the day where you take your bath and recharge your energy, will be the most awaited moments for you, because you will receive the affection you deserve to end with more beautiful, soft and healthy skin.

4. Body brush dry or wet

This is a product made and designed as a hand brush to exfoliate dry or wet skin, thus providing a quality of protection and softening of the skin with the quality of a spa. It is a very versatile model because it cleanses the dermis, massages and exfoliates those damaged or neglected parts of the skin. This brush can remove the dead cells and activates blood circulation, which will help improve the general health of your body, while obtaining a pink and much healthier foot. Its design is ergonomic so it will be easy to grip when starting the treatment. One of the benefits of using this brush dry is that it opens the pores of the body preparing the skin for other dermis health treatments.

With this brush you can give yourself those divine massages that will leave you rejuvenated and active to face external environments looking more beautiful and smooth. All this just by using this tool with very soft bristles that even improve lymphatic drainage reducing the appearance of the cellulitis.