Your beard also requires special and delicate care.

Every man who enjoys wearing a beard attractive and with an enviable appearance, she knows that it is necessary to give her special cares to always keep it in the best conditions. So if you are one of those who still wash your beard with the same shampoo that you use on your hair, take a look at these specialized products so you can start giving it the care it deserves.

1. Bossman: beard care kit

Kit with beard care products. It includes oil, conditioner and balm. Each product is recommended to use 2 times a week. The complete kit is responsible for replacing dry pores and facial hair on your beard.

The procedure for this product line is very simple: wash your face, then apply the conditioner directly on the beard and you will see in a short time the favorable results. Hydrates pores and smoothes facial hair.

2. Viking Revolution: men’s facial grooming kit

Kit varied with products for men’s grooming, especially for the care of beards. Contains conditioner, natural oil and organic for beard, sandalwood scented balm and sturdy comb.

Each product in this kit seeks to soften facial hair and nourish the pores on your face. Combine the best products for effective care in terms of cleanliness weekly of your beard and mustache.

3. Viking Revolution: beard shampoo and conditioner

Duet of essential products for the care of your beard shampoo and conditioner. Each product hydrates, cleanses and softens, giving life and shine to your beard in each cleaning process.

This wash set cleanses and nourishes deeply in equal parts. You just have to massage with plenty of water and foam will take care of cleaning each of your pores and facial hairs.

4. Mountaineer Brand: natural products for the beard

Product based kit natural, organic and essential to maintain a care and grooming treatment for your beard. Contains 2 oz. Oil, conditioner, and 2 oz. Restorative balm for facial hair.

Likewise, each product has a light and natural wood aroma that is pleasant to the sense of smell. In addition, the kit has a brush premium military style.