A practical and functional piece of furniture that will help you a lot

When we have visit At home, we do everything in our power to make your stay as comfortable as possible. One of the things that most worries when receiving our family and friends is where they can spend the night. So we have made a special selection of the best four sofa bed so you can integrate them into the decoration of your house and always have a bed available for any unexpected visit.

1. Leather sofa bed synthetic

A beautiful and comfortable sofa that is made of smooth faux fur and thick cushions with sturdy padding. It has two rest arms and a central one with cup holders that can be folded when using the bed function. It has removable chrome metal legs that provide support, security and stability.

A modern sofa that transforms into a comfortable bed where visitors can comfortably spend the night, in an extremely spacious comfortable and wide.

2. Color convertible design dark gray

A cabinet with the ideal size so that one person or several can rest comfortably on it and enjoy comfort. It is suitable for rooms of Small spaces.

This sofa becomes quickly in a bed to provide a pleasant rest and be able to sleep peacefully during the day or night. Its patented design allows you to easily assemble the bed.

3. Reclining furniture of black color

An easy-to-install cabinet that is made of synthetic skin black in color and covered in upholstery gel that makes it softer to the touch. Its legs are chrome which gives it an air of luxury, and its backrest is divided independently.

In just 15 minutes you can assemble this sofa and change it to bed so that your guests can spend a completely restful night. Its dimensions make it easily adaptable to your living room or any room where you want to locate it.

4. Sofa bed Two levels

A piece of furniture made of high-density foam which helps prevent the bed from sinking under the weight and is light and portable enough to move it comfortably. It has two fully folding levels which provide a very comfortable bed. wide where to rest.

It is an elegant and simple alternative, ideal for people who live in apartments with small spaces and are used to receiving visitors. It is ideal for rest, play video games, read a book, or just sleep at night.