We all like to have our green and flowery garden but few of us have time to dedicate ourselves to the daily care and watering of our plants. If this is your case, the best solution is to have an irrigation system and sprinklers are an excellent tool that can help you in this task. Here we leave you the best 4.

1. Melnor: Turbo sprinkler

XT turbo sprinkler with distance control system and TwinTouch flow, irrigates up to 4,200 square feet. It has 18 precision rubber nozzles with an obstruction resistant design.

Its modern, practical and resistant design make it a favorite of users of Amazon. It has a long-life turbomotor that will guarantee the irrigation of your garden for a long time.

2. Decorative sprinklers flower shaped

Kit of 3 multi-adjustable flower design sprinklers including 2 15 ft. Garden hoses with swivel coupling nuts included. Have 2 years warranty.

Locate them in the areas where you need them most and keep your patio green and watered without spending time running the hose with your hose. Multi-setting sprinkler allows you control density, direction and flow of water.

3. Rotating sprinkler GrowGreen

360 ° rotating sprinkler with adjustable irrigation system, high pressure level and a spray distance of 32.8 feet. Made of ABS plastic and rust-proof polymer.

The base of this sprinkler is heavy enough that you can keep it on the grass and keep it from moving. In addition to watering your garden, it can also provide fun for your children during hot days.

4. Metal sprinkler Melnor

Lawn sprinkler with metal head and sled, adjustable angle and distance with coverage from 20 ° to 360 ° or partial to full circle irrigation. Have 7 year warranty.

This sprinkler is made with durable and non-corrosive parts, ideal for large areas of uneven terrain. Its diffuser can be adjusted to provide anything from a gentle spray to a powerful jet.

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