Having the evidence is worth a thousand words …

When gossip is good you have to record it, right ?! But speaking seriously … In these times an image or audio is worth more than a thousand words, and in order to defend yourself or accuse someone of something, it is important to have proof and evidence of everything; but without anyone noticing. That is why there are spy cameras, and here we share some options that are at your fingertips.

1. Camera on digital watch:


The perfect tool for detectives, journalists or anyone who wants to record a sudden accident, a conversation or any other important situation.

This product is a wrist camera with lens and watch coverage function. makes the camera more imperceptible. Available in Amazon under $ 60.

2. Pen with hidden camera:

2. 5 hours of battery life. Built with a 350 mhA battery. By pressing the top button, the camera will start and start taking videos, saving the video file in an inserted memory of 32GB. The video camera with pen is easy to hold and write, it looks more elegant.

This pen with camera is compatible with PC and Mac. Date and time stamps can be added as reference points in videos and images, making organizing your data very easy.

3. Clock with spy camera night vision:


East spy clock It offers you high-resolution video recording and sharp, clear photo capture. It has a 16 GB memory that stores more than 5 hours of video recording.

It is so discreet that it does not turn on any light when recording and it is very easy to use; you just press the button and record all the action. Then to watch the videos, you just have to connect it with the USB port to your computer.

4. Hidden camera USB:

Mini USB hidden camera. This camera has pre-installed memory. It works for any type of monitoring, such as your baby, the babysitter, coworkers, employees, maids, etc. The camera’s functions are motion detection, charging phones, and recording.

This camera records on a micro SD card hidden inside the charger so that you only have access to the storage through a special USB cable that it brings. You can play back captured footage and copy video. With this completely undetectable spy camera you will make everyone think that it is simply a phone charger.