A zen garden It is an element that is part of the Buddhist lifestyle, this is because it is a means both to relax and to stimulate the act of meditation and contemplation. It is the philosophical expression of the universe that allows the mind contemplate each of its elements. And although in Buddhist temples they were large spaces, we can currently find them in small format to have them at home or in the office, and thus have a means of relaxation at our fingertips at any time:

1. Zen sand with decorative stones


It is an elegant garden made with a wooden base and with two different types of rocks. Its shades can be adapted to mood and the place where the garden is located.

This style can adapt to any type of decor. You can take it anywhere you go so you can spend some time on yourself. It is an ideal tool to reduce daily stress.

2. Set of serenity garden


This garden complies with all the elements of contemplation based on the principle zen buddhist to relieve stress. It includes many details and decorations that you can place according to your taste.

Each of these objects have been designed in an original way and with the materials of the most high quality. It allows you to create your own landscape, which is a great option to stimulate your creativity and present your personal style.

3. Garden of White sand with various rakes


This kit includes a solid wood base, white sand, decorative stones, 2 figures and 6 bamboo rakes. Additionally it comes with more sand in case it needs to be replaced.

With this zen garden you will get a great way to relieve stress and sharpen your mental ability. You can place it on any table and complement the decoration of any space you want.

4. Mini garden marine-themed


It is composed of a circular sandbox made of high quality wood and manufactured by hand. Its design refers to the marine environment since each of its elements are allusive to the ocean.

You can have the tranquility and relaxation of the ocean at home or in your office with this garden. A decorative piece that gives you the possibility to give your mind and your mind peace of mind spirit no matter where they are.