Supplements to raise the defenses of the immune system.

At any time of the year, defenses can drop. It is important to consume supplements to protect the immune system and prevent diseases such as a cold and even more serious diseases. Consuming a supplement to raise the defenses daily prevents oxidation of the cells, they are powerful antioxidants among others. It is important that you only consume the recommended daily dose.

1. Vitamin D: prevents diseases and cares for bones

Vitamin D helps prevent infections from forming, increases defenses and is a vitamin that protects bones, teeth and the immune system. If you are very susceptible to allergies, vitamin D helps prevent them, although of course you should consume them a few months in advance.

Vitamin D strengthens bones, ideal for people who exercise and want to take care of wear. Vitamin D is known for the sun vitamin, but you no longer have to spend hours in the sun, one capsule will suffice.

2. Vitamin C and zinc: protects cells from oxidation and increases collagen

Vitamin C is from vitamins more powerful because it prevents the oxidation of cells, increases defenses, cares for the texture and can remove skin blemishes and increases collagen production naturally. Zinc helps improve nervous system function, is a natural antioxidant and controls acne.

Together they are an excellent supplement to raise the defenses. and prevent colds, flu, fever or some allergy. Always consume this supplement with breakfast.

3. Garlic: it is an antimicrobial, antibiotic and it is a decongestant

Garlic is an excellent supplement to raise your defenses, and in fact if you are already sick it will help you feel better the next day. Garlic strengthens the immune system, eliminates infections, and can even heal wounds. Purify your body, clean and regenerate the skin. Garlic also helps your nails get stronger and not break as often.

Garlic is also famous for removing cholesterol, as it cleanses the blood. Consume daily for 3 months and you will notice the difference.

4. Multivitamin with vitamin A, C, D, E, B, iodine, calcium: to protect your body from head to toe

This is a multivitamin for a simpler way to boost defenses and take care of the immune system. They are gummies with various vitamins They are powerful natural antioxidants, prevent immune diseases, improve the appearance of the skin and it even strengthens your hair thanks to its biotin content. This is an excellent option for those who are in a hurry or are very forgetful when consuming supplements.

It does not contain added sugar, so it does not harm your diet. They are 120 gummies with vitamins It is recommended to consume 4 gummies daily, but with 2 it is enough.