Enjoy the days in the pool or on the beach with these swimming goggles.

The swimming It is a very popular sport for its ability to exercise the whole body at the same time, without causing discomfort in the joints; But to avoid eye damage caused by pollutants or chemicals found in water, it is recommended that children and adults use protective glasses. Therefore, we have prepared a list with various styles and characteristics so that you take into account their designs and choose the most suitable one so that you can enjoy more in the water.

1. Pair of glasses polycarbonate

It is packaged with a pair of clear goggles that provide crystal clear visibility for indoor swimming and a pair of galvanized goggles for outdoor swimming. Each features silicone straps that fit children and adults alike. Comes with a pair of ear plugs and a nose clip.

They are polycarbonate accessories that are coated with a anti-fog treatment so you have clear vision and sealed eyelets to prevent leaks, so your eyes feel comfortable and safe underwater.

2. Glasses with double sealing

They are swimming goggles with double silicone sealing around the eyes to block water, a fog cover and mirror coating to protect from UV rays. Includes a protective sleeve, a nose clip and two ear plugs.

It offers a distortion-free 180 ° vision and thus you achieve a safer experience while children and adults enjoy a wonderful underwater trip. In addition, it has an anti-shock design that protects it from falls and scratches.

3. Polarized glasses with protective case

They are polarized glasses that have an ergonomic design articulated with silicone seals that adapts to different facial shapes and block the water inlet. A pair of ear plugs, a nose clip and a protective case also come.

It is a must-have model for outdoor swimming or other water sports, as the inner surface comes with a mirror-coated anti-fog coating for prevent glare and offer a clear vision.

4. Anatomical glasses with 3D frame

They are glasses with an ergonomic 3D frame that easily adapts to different facial shapes, and offers a broader view for a better underwater experience. It also has silicone sealing that prevents leakage and adjustable anti-slip straps.

It is an aerodynamic design that features the latest anti-fog technology that is harmless to the eyes and offers a clearer panoramic view under water. Further, protects against ultraviolet rays so they can be used indoors and outdoors alike.