For him to enjoy his favorite series and videos …

Today we all use an electronic device for everything, but even more to distract and entertain ourselves. We spend it consuming video and we use so many applications in our daily life, that it is impossible to live without

In this case we will share some tablet options to give to that special man of your life in the Father’s Day; so that it manifests itself using it if you are a technology lover.

1. Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S3:

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tablet It is capable of giving you up to 12 hours of continuous entertainment with cinematic contrast image quality, to fully immerse yourself in your favorite series or movie. Other great advantages offered by Samsung galaxy Tab S3 is extremely easy to use by all members of the family.

The S Pen, which includes a pen, is one of the most outstanding attributes of this model, since it is a sensitive stylus that converts the Samsung galaxy Tab S3 in a device that takes advantage of the latest touch technology available on the market. This tablet is compatible with any model of smartphone Samsung and it has a 32GB internal memory.

2. Tablet Fire HD10:

Is Fire HD10 tablet It has a 10.1 ″ Full HD screen with a resolution of 1080px, a 1.8GHz processor, a 2GB RAM and a lithium battery that allows you to work for up to 10 continuous hours. This product works with Alexa’s Amazon.

The tablet comes in the colors navy blue, black and punch red. This device is ideal for watching your favorite series, listening to music, and even gives you the opportunity to call a contact, send a message and video calls with the help of Alexa.

3. Tablet Fire HD 8:

Fire HD8 tablet is one of the Fire tablets that make it easier to work, study, make notes, but also to enjoy movies, TV shows, books, games, music, favorite apps and more.

Also, with the new demo mode charging dock, simply put your tablet in the port and ask Alexa to show you your daily calendar, you can turn on the lights, play your favorite audible book, and more. All while your Fire HD tablet charges on the dock.

4. Android Tablet Lenovo:

This tablet is Android model TB-X103F. This device has a 10-inch screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 1.3-core quad-core processor, and 16GB of storage. Available in black with blue.

It gives you access to multiple accounts, each person will have their own personal profile and can configure their applications independently. The model has a battery that can last a whole day in continuous use; leaving you the possibility of watching movies, playing games, studying or working.

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