So that you feel your skin soft and prevent hives from coming out …

With the arrival of good weather, the lightest clothes, including dresses and shorts become the stars of our closet. But for those of us with thick thighs, this type of clothing also becomes a problem.

This creates problems when the type of clothing we wear rubs against the thighs and causes uncomfortable irritations and much discomfort. Almost all of us who do not have our thighs apart when the hot weather arrives, we look for a thousand ways to avoid these chafing. But fortunately there are the famous talcs. Look at some options below that you can always use in the thigh area, and even under the breasts and other parts of the body that need it.

1. Scented talc Maja:

A classic that for many generations has been used by the women of our family. The packaging comes with two talcs.

2. Talc London Lily:

One of the best sellers in Amazon with over 100 reviews.

3. Aloe talc and vitamin E Johnson’s:

Talc also for use in babies, its texture is very smooth.

4. Talco Yardley of London Rose:

A refreshing and light floral aroma with citrus sprinkles and mixed notes of rose.