A simple and powerful protection that you can always carry with you.

Quartz, crystals or semi precious stones, are minerals extracted from the earth that are used as energy amulets to remove bad vibes and attract good luck and positive energies. There are many types, with different shapes and different purposes, so if what you are looking for is one that protects you from bad energies, the Tiger’s Eye it is the ideal for you; and here we show you some options bracelets made with this stone so that you are protected at all times.

1. Elastic bracelet with 8mm beads

With accounts natural grade AA, the handmade bracelet features a bead size of 8mm and a length of about 6.5 inches. Comes with a gift bag.

Unisex, metal free and suitable for sensitive skin. In addition to protecting you from bad energy, it will resolve your internal conflicts, attract wealth and promote good health.

2. Tiger’s Eye with Chakras crystals

The elastic bracelet with beads natural stones It measures 6.7 inches and fits most wrists. Being a natural stone, it is low density, light in weight and offers a fresh hand feeling

Odorless and durable. Attract for yourself good, wealth, happiness and a healthier body. It also aligns your chakras and gives you a balance of body and mind.

3. Silver bracelet with genuine tiger eye

Based 925 silver Inlaid with genuine tiger eye, the bracelet constructed from premium materials measures 7.5 inches.

The mystical powers of the tiger eye help you prevent many diseases serious, repel bad energy and attract wealth.

4. Platinum hypoallergenic bracelet with tiger eye

The platinum bracelet with beads genuine tiger eye offers you the option of size adjustment, and also comes beautifully packaged.

It is hypolargenic, so it can be used by people with all skin types, so you won’t have to worry if you choose to give it as a gift. The tiger’s eye, in addition to healing, protecting and attracting wealth, will help you increase self-esteem and creativity.